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Helping Overcome Pediatric Emergencies

What We Do

We provide financial and emotional assistance if your child is in a pediatric emergency. Please reach out, we want to lift you up and begin the  qualification process.

Why We Do It

We understand your situation. The daughter of our founders fought cancer at a young age. And the stress that comes with having a child in a trauma is very real.

How We Do It

Our donors make everything we do possible. They have compassionate hearts that want you to be able to care for your child without worrying about overwhelming finances.

Take the Stress Out of Unexpected Illness​

Every day, a child is diagnosed with a severe illness or sustains a devastating injury, and a family may lose their child due to that condition. Unfortunately, this kind of emergency comes with unanticipated expenses that overwhelm them.


H.O.P.E. Foundation offers financial and emotional support to families in Missouri whose children, ages birth through seventeen, are battling pediatric emergencies.   Since we know what it’s like to be in that position, we want to help families facing these crises and relieve the stress caused by suffocating bills. We can address costs like medical travel, vehicle repair, rent or mortgage payments, utility bills, funeral expenses, and much more. The real costs that do not stop.

Our mission is to provide financial assistance that insurance companies, national organizations, and other charities do not handle.  We want to bridge the gap between what is and is not covered.

There are so many unexpected expenses that stem from tragic emergencies, and we want to make a difference in the lives of families facing those challenges.

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The Gift of Giving

The joy you receive from giving is incredible when you give of yourself to benefit others.

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What People Say...

“We found ourselves in the NICU with our 28-week little girl, and we weren’t sure what the future had to hold. Neither of us were able to work while I was recovering from another C-section.

HOPE gave us a peace-of-mind knowing we would still have a home to come to once we were able to bring our little girl home.”
Ashley Burney
“I’m so thankful for the HOPE Foundation. Mason, my 15-year-old son, was diagnosed with T-Cell leukemia. After taking him to the doctor, he and my wife were put on a plane and spent two and a half months at St. Jude’s in Memphis, TN.

Within days of his diagnosis, HOPE began providing emotional and financial support. They have been there for us and are more than generous.”
Alex Bryant