Where Hope Began

Financial Support

Please contact us if your bills or work schedule interfere with the care for your child. It can be devasting, but it doesn't have to be.

Bridging the Gap

We assist financially in times of crisis when other organizations and insurance companies are not able to.

Emotional Support

When our children are hospitalized, it's common to be on edge. There is HOPE and someone you can talk to when you feel alone.

“I’ve been there because I was so stressed by not knowing how to cope, how to manage my time, or just being able to find someone to talk to.” –Kandice

In 2007, it our 6-year-old daughter was diagnosed with cancer. And our family moved to Memphis for her treatment, which lasted until October. 


She is now in remission and a stunning 21-year-old! The HOPE Foundation’s mission from the beginning has been to assist parents who are in the same situation as we were.


However, just because you miss work does not mean that your regular bills go away, which can add to your stress.

We can now help families in Missouri get through the anguish with far less stress than we did.



All the effort that goes on throughout the year is all worth it if we can help just ONE family!

Kasey and Kandice White

Founders – H.O.P.E. Foundation

Where Does the Hope Come From?

Hope stems from the faith that you WILL be taken care of when you need help the most.

Joy-filled hope comes the comforting feeling you get when you find out that you’ll be receiving assistance.

Ways We Can Help...


The Gift of Giving

The joy you receive is incredible when you give of yourself to benefit others.